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The Freeze, Day 5

If you don't know me personally, you probably can't fathom the amount of UNgracefulness I possess. I drop things. I trip. I stumble on flat ground. I run into door frames. I cut my thumb on a crafting knife three days before my wedding while in a pre-wedding crafting frenzy. I’ve had stitches in my right hand three times - All because of separate accidents of my own doing. My belongings fall off of safe surfaces without warning or provocation at an alarming rate. You don’t want to know how many phones I have had to replace. I AM CLUMSY. Case in point: Yesterday I dropped the blade attachment to my Nutri Ninja after seemingly setting it safely on the counter. It broke. I cussed.

I tell you all this not to impress you (ha), but because I had to purchase something outside of my “exception item” list. Every day, without fail, I drink my kale shake and I can’t make said shake without my Nutri Ninja. I am really very serious about my greens. Just ask my sister, I packed up my entire Nutri Ninja to accompany me when I came home last month to organize the farm. So, long story short, I had to buy a replacement blade. Without the one I broke, I only had one and let's be serious, it's only a matter of time until I break that one. And then I would be completely without. (How would I get my kale shake!? First world problems, I know.)

Also, in the spirit of complete transparency, it should be noted that this is the third blade I have broken (in the same manner) since April. Or maybe that shouldn't be noted - What is wrong with me? I digress.

At any rate, to be more realistic, I am adding a new exception item expense category: “Stuff I break by simply being myself.” Let’s say a quick prayer that I have a good month and “broken arm” doesn’t have to fit in this column on the balance sheet.

Since The Freeze started on 7.14.18:

3 Extra Audible Credits - $37.85

Nutri Ninja Blade - $19.99

And, my favorite buy: Little Women on Audible for $2.06! Not only is this a deal by any standard, but it’s within my exception list. And, I just feel like reading Little Women. Win!!

Day 5 Total = $59.90

I would probably have bought these things if I weren't committed to The Freeze.

Sweater photo is from twentiesgirlstyle's instagram, sweater is actually on ShopBop if you are not on a spending freeze and love it like I do.

Both sandals are deeply discounted at Maurice's and super cute.

And the other photo is self explanatory: It's almost Autumn scent time at Bath & Body Works!

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