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The Freeze, Day 2

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Update: I have made it through Day 2 of The Freeze!

And something that is even more exciting: A few of you are doing The Freeze with me! How have your days gone, so far? My friend Trish checked in this morning and we gave each other a little pep talk. What’s working for everyone else? What has been hard to resist? Are you making wishlists to revisit when The Freeze has thawed?

Successes: Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day on the river for my friend’s birthday. It’s amazing the shopping you DON’T think about when you’re outside relaxing with good company! Besides deleting emails before I can process my feelings of FOMO and make a bad decision, I think it will be a good idea to keep “outside” as a destination when I'm not feeling very strong. Outside and on a river where you won’t have easy access to your phone is ideal, but hey- I’ll take what I can get, even if it's just my back patio!

Challenges: I didn’t realize that it was Amazon Prime Week, but it is. <Insert big sigh.> However, there is just nothing I need from Amazon. So it’s nice to have a boundary stopping me from browsing just to find a deal. (It’s not a deal if you don’t need it!) Love you, Amazon Smile, but no.

Photo Credit: A Beautiful Mess Instagram

As for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale- Not only do they know me (hello tailored email marketing!), but they know how to motivate influencers to promote a sale! A blogger I follow, Jena Green, unboxed a huge haul and continues to rave about these Zella leggings. This is a proud moment for me, friends. Not only did I not purchase, I didn’t even wishlist them. And I am a sucker when it comes to any kind of basic. These were really hard to pass up at such a discounted price. (Clearly I’m still stalking them, as you can tell by my photo hoard.)

*Silently reminds myself that I need nothing while deleting email after email.

Photo Credit: Jena Green Instagram

My biggest struggle so far, though, has been the major crush I have on these Levi’s 721 Ripped High Waist Skinny Jeans.. (They aren't even on the Sale - This is just how well Nordstrom knows me!) But instead of clicking to buy, I put them on my wishlist and moved on. To be fair, I keep thinking about them. But I didn’t buy them! If I’m still obsessed after The Freeze, I will likely buy these. (Remember what I said about not diluting joy? If I wait until after The Freeze and still decide I want them, they will be so special to me.)

Love at first sight.

All of that being said, though, The Freeze is not about just pushing off purchasing to a later date. It's about being mindful and thankful for the things we already have and not purchasing more just to purchase more. So, even though these Levi's might very well eventually make their way in to my closet, this is not how I anticipate thinking of every temptation I see in during The Freeze. Just have to be honest with you all and admit these might be my prize for The Freeze well (un)spent!

If you’re joining in, what has been your biggest success and biggest challenge so far? What sage advice do you have for our little community here, if you’ve done The Freeze successfully in the past? Tell me all the things!

Xo, Johanna

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