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The Freeze, Day 14.

A few things you should know as we embark upon this mid-Freeze update:

  1. I happily spent 100 unexpected dollars on a cause close to my heart and I don’t feel one bit bad about it. (More about this in a later post!)

  2. Fast food is expensive. Now that I am paying closer attention to my card swipes, it pains me to see $9 fast food salads and $7 fast food subs. I never cared about or noticed this before.

  3. Also: Bottled water. So terrible for the earth and just expensive. Even more motivation to go green and remember to bring my own S’well bottle.

  4. In other news: I am a new (and guilt-ridden) owner of a physical, turn-the-pages, book. I could hardly contain myself when I saw “Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel.” Quicker than you can say “I put a spell on you,” I bought the hard cover edition in a Sanderson Sisters-induced frenzy. In retrospect, I should have just added this one to my Wish List and waited out The Freeze before purchasing.

  5. The more you know: Deleting all of your Instagram photos to “start fresh” is akin to cutting bangs when you “just want a change.” That is, drastic and not quickly reversible. Proceed with caution if you find yourself in either predicament. See how I handled my mini-crisis below.

Amuck. Amuck, amuck, amuck!

Spending since the beginning of The Freeze, 7.14.18

Last update (Day 5) Total = $59.90.

Subway - $7.57. This one is Lyon’s fault, he needed a meatball sub.

Runza - $8.12. I was out of spinach, and in a moment of weakness, I caved and drove through Runza when faced with the minor inconvenience of going to the grocery store.

Standard Process Calcium Lactate - $59.40. (Strong bones, y’all.. I just happened to run out of my three month supply in the middle of The Freeze. Unavoidable expense.)

“Hocus Pocus and the All New Sequel” book - $9.53. Oops.

Water - $2.38. This truly makes me wonder how many thousands of dollars I have spent on bottled water in my lifetime. First world problems and WORLD problems, combined. All that plastic is awful for our planet and costly to our pocketbooks! If I change no other behavior after participating in The Freeze, consuming less bottled water will be valuable enough to call The Freeze a success.

Linen rental for Paws on the Platte Auction - $101.86. (No regrets.)

Chat Books - $104.00. (Regrets.)

McDonald’s Happy Meal - $3.84. (Major regrets.)

Day 14 Total = $356.60

Of all the above expenses, I am feeling the most guilty about the Chat Books expense. In my quest to refresh my Instagram game, I decided I would delete all old posts and “start over” with a public page and more cohesive content. However, I didn’t want to lose all of my Instagram memories, so I enrolled in Chat Books. My posts equated to 13 books of content. Each book was $10 and I received 20% off with a promo code, making my total $104. That is a great deal, no doubt. But like I said in a previous post: A deal isn’t a deal when you don’t need something. And it turns out, I don’t “need” these.. Because I didn’t end up deleting my Instagram posts! (Look me up - I’m still there. And so is my imperfect profile content. Ha.)

In the “win” category, I have not succumbed to Target, Nordstrom, or Amazon. Also, good news: I have not broken anything since the demise of my last Nutri Ninja blade.

Tell me: If you are on a spending freeze, did you find yourself losing resolve in the middle of the challenge? How did you hold yourself accountable if/when that happened? I find that simply updating you all helps me to reconnect to my accountability. If you’ve done a spending freeze before, what were your wins and losses throughout the process? Did you suffer any small crises of decision like that of my Chat Books purchase? Do tell! Until then, I am comforting myself in the knowledge that at least I didn't cut bangs.



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