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Curating a Jewelry Collection You Love

Have you been swept away by Marie Kondo’s tidying methods, much like the rest of the world (and me!)? Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed with your jewelry collection. Or you have a large collection, but never have what you want when you go to accessorize your look. Curating a collection you love will SPARK JOY every time you get dressed. Now, where to start?

Start by sorting your collection into three piles.

1. Absolutely keep: I love this and don’t have to form any kind of argument why. I just know I love it.

2.Maybe keep: I don’t really know why I want to keep this. I don’t love it, but feel it might be necessary to have. Come back to this pile again at the end of the pile process when your decision making momentum is in full swing.

2. Donate, gift, swap: I am not sure WTF I was thinking, but I am no longer that person. This item doesn't fit me, my image, my style, my life. Thank u, next.

Bottom line: Does the piece in question align with your vision for how your style is presented to the world?

As you slim down your collection, here is a list to help you frame the collection you create and love. You should really LOVE everything you keep. (Pick the best of the best and let go of the rest!)

Diamond (or CZ) Stud Earrings

Pearl Earrings

String of Pearls

Simple (second skin) Necklace

Long Pendant Necklace

Bangle Bracelet(s)

Stacking Rings

Statement Necklace

Bold/Statement Cuff

Cocktail Ring (I love unique/big rings.. Hence the owl.)

Birthstone piece(s)

Personalized Jewelry

Mini/Medium Hoops


*I hardly ever wear a watch, so like everything on this list, it’s just a suggestion. You’ll personalize your core collection to your wants and needs!

You can also use this list if you are building a jewelry collection. Abide by the first bullet point’s idea of “absolutely keep.” But instead of “keeping,” everything you buy you should absolutely love and know without question that you will wear it often and care for it well. You’ll just know. If you don’t know, it’s a “no.” Don’t buy it.

Happy curating, friends! And, as always, I’d love to hear from you and/or answer any questions you have!

Xo, Johanna

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