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Updated: Jul 14, 2018

If "a Sunday well spent brings a week of content," how much content does a well spent vacation bring? I know, that is clunky and definitely not as cute as the original phrase. But really: Do you return from vacation relaxed and renewed or do you need a vacation after your vacation??

Admittedly, I'm usually in the former group. However, I am back and better than ever after having spent five nights in Miami. My R&R feeling boils down to five things:

1. I have mastered the art of packing/unpacking.

2. I got a spray tan.

3. I don't drink alcohol like a kid eats candy (anymore. ha.).

4. I didn't try to control and plan every single day.

5. I came home to my sweet animals and a clean home.

Packing - The packing thing has been a long time coming. It is an art and one that took me 30+ years to master. Not a science, but an art to enjoy! Let me explain: I used to throw everything into my suitcase with abandon, often an hour before leaving while in a flustered mess, crossing my fingers that I would pull out a comb and swimsuit upon arrival. Now, because I'm an adult -ha, actually, it's because I travel for work, I have the best ever cubes to organize everything within my suitcase. I keep my toiletry bag stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice. I pack dresses because they're easy. Or, even easier, I order from Rent the Runway and let them do half of my packing for me. Shoes, swimsuits, jewelry, and makeup are next on the list. Unmentionables go in the aforementioned cubes and are all ready to go. It's actually fun to pack by outfit. I wish I would have documented the process to show you all. (Leave a comment below if that would interest you and I'll do it next time!) In the meantime, a few of my outfits, if you're into this kind of thing.

I wear this Bruce Springsteen T-shirt every Independence Day. Annie went to see him on his 1984 tour and I inherited the concert T as a sleep shirt when I was little. Still my favorite!


Middle hair part.

Marchesa Notte

Temperley London

Just kidding. But I do kind of love them!

And my favorite look, as mentioned by my obnoxious Snapchat caption. #ootn

When you have a spray tan and the lighting is good.

Everything is better when you are <SPRAY> tanned. Self-explanatory and without the risk of cancer.

Alcohol - I love a good cocktail, beer, or glass of wine, but do you know what I don't like? Feeling like death when I wake up with a face full of makeup and matted hair. Just kidding, I would have no idea what that feels like. Kind of. But really: I like to be hydrated (and wash my face, brush my teeth, comb my hair, etc.). I still like to party (until 9pm), but my tastes are a bit more refined and definitely less voracious. And by that, I mean I no longer drink Natural Ice, Phillips Vodka, and Jaegermeister. <Shudder.> Also, is Natural Ice (Nati Ice??) even a thing anymore? Help me out, aged 21+ college kids.

Planning - Before heading to Miami, I made a Pinterest board of things I wanted to do and see. (I do this often for inspiration before trips and I highly recommend!) The three things that continually popped up, as I pinned my little heart out, were Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Miami Design District, and Wynwood Walls. We did two of the three, meaning we had four days and two "must-do's." I've decided it was the perfect ratio and plan to sustain or reduce on future trips! We spent our second day at Vizcaya and our last day at Miami Design District. The other days were pool and beach relaxing time, as they should have been. I'm fine having missed Wynwood Walls: We'll get to it next time and the trade off meant that we got more time to relax.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

And, my favorite: the absolute best part of any trip - Coming home! I don't know who is more excited, the dogs, Lyon, or me. Even Betty Draper Lyon is excited to see us! The added bonus of having a clean home is thanks to my amazing friend and dog-sitter. Thank you, Cinta, we love you! There is nothing as wonderful as coming home.

A few more quick things about our trip: We stayed at an amazing property- 1 Hotel South Beach, we luxuriated in the spa, and we flew first class. All of these are decidedly "un-Bruce." However, we did find the hot setup* when we took advantage of the hotel's free Tesla rides and intentionally booked with an eco-conscious property. (Bruce and Annie would have loved that.) And, we chatted with every driver and bartender we met, "just to get to know them a little." (Bruce+.)*

But really, there is nothing better than coming home.

Xo, Johanna

*The hot setup = Something Bruce has deemed as the way to do things. A Bruceism, #shitbrucesays

*Bruce+ = The rating Bailey and I developed to measure how "Bruce" something is. Can also be known as "very Bruce."

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