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Cheers to Five Years!


Our marriage, like all meaningful relationships, is full of peaks and valleys.

Valleys: We frustrate and disappoint each other in big and small ways more often than we would like.

Peaks: You make me laugh until my stomach hurts, but making you laugh really brings me more joy. You are the most generous person I have ever met and you demonstrate that generosity wherever you go. You are a good human with a kind heart. You make me proud. You make me safe. You make our home.

In short: I prayed to find a man who loved dogs as much as I do.. And here we are.

Cheers to five <married> years!

Now, a quick look back at our years together, in no particular order..

Would you look at the hair on me!? And on him! Teehee.

A little bit of magic. <9.28.13>

Fun fact: Our car was stolen this night. <November 2013>

Throwing it way back to when our nephew, and godson, Cash was born. This baby is SEVEN now. <June 2011>

Lyon's shirt is very Miami Vice and my skirt could use a few more inches. No matter the fashion, it was the best surprise birthday trip! <Miami 2015>

We are forever taking extreme close up selfies.. Not by choice, but because my arm is short, apparently. <Jordan and Danny's wedding, 2018>

NYE 2014

A magical time at Vala's Pumpkin Patch, 2018.

My biggest fan at my biggest fundraising event. Thank you for supporting me, always. <Paws on the Platte Auction, 2018>

I love you more now than I did even then.

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